Stoops downplays reviewed plays in Sooners' loss

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said Sunday he didn't see any point in
protesting the touchdown call on Taurean Henderson's 2-yard run
that gave No. 21 Texas Tech a 23-21 win on Saturday.

A side official ruled Henderson reached the ball across the
goalline before he was down on the final play of the game. Video
replays didn't show conclusive evidence to reverse the call, and
the touchdown was upheld.

"That's part of the game -- the spots, the judgments, what they
see," Stoops said Sunday. "I'm not going to sit here and whine
about it and say that's why we lost."

Three plays on Tech's game-winning 12-play, 65-yard drive were
reviewed with the Big 12's new instant replay system. The others
were a 5-yard touchdown pass from Cody Hodges to Joel Filani that
was ruled incomplete after review, and a fourth-and-3 pass from
Hodges to Danny Amendola on which the spot at the Oklahoma 23 was
reviewed and upheld. Upon measurement, the catch earned Tech a
first down by about one inch.

"There are several plays. To me, the bigger issue is the
fourth-down play," Stoops said. "Obviously, I see them

Stoops downplayed the calls and credited Texas Tech with making
enough plays to win. He said the Sooners will send a report on the
game to the Big 12 office, but the team does that after every game.

"The game isn't going to change," Stoops said. "That's why
I'm not going to sit here and make an issue of it."

Stoops said he hoped the conference would take steps to improve
the replay system, including the determination of which plays
should be reviewed and the available camera angles to review a
play. For the final play of the Texas Tech game, there was no
replay available from the side of the field where the official made
the touchdown call.

"I just think again this is our first year with it," Stoops
said. "I'm realistic and I believe we will continue to get better
in those areas I think the more we do it."