School plans to take no action against players

AUSTIN, Texas -- An attorney for two University of Texas football players said he expects neither to face criminal charges in an alleged attempted robbery, while school officials said they've found no link between its athletes and a separate case involving an automatic handgun.

Police have questioned starting defensive back Cedric Griffin and running back Ramonce Taylor about an alleged downtown assault Dec. 10 after a team banquet, said Ken Oden, who is advising both players.

No. 2 Texas plays top-ranked Southern California in the Rose Bowl on Jan. 4. School officials have said they've talked to the athletes being questioned and do not plan any action against them.

No charges have been filed and no arrests have been made.

"I am confident there will be no cause for criminal charges," Oden said in Sunday's editions of The Dallas Morning News.

Oden said the incident, an alleged assault and attempted robbery in Austin's Sixth Street bar district, was a non-violent encounter between the players and a group of unidentified men.

Police said Friday they were investigating UT athletes in connection with that case and another Sept. 4, when police said a suspect pulled an automatic handgun and committed an aggravated assault.

Oden said the Sept. 4 case does not relate to his clients. Patricia Ohlendorf, UT's vice president for legal affairs, said she was unaware of a connection between school athletes and that incident.

"If there had been any alleged connection to something that happened three months ago, we would have known sooner," Ohlendorf told the newspaper.

Police have said they would not comment during the investigation.