Texas Tech adding $45 million expansion to stadium

LUBBOCK, Texas -- Texas Tech's football stadium will grow by
10,000 seats -- including those in 19 new luxury suites -- in
construction approved Friday by the school's board of regents for a
$45 million expansion.

The project is contingent on the athletic department securing
the money, of which as much as $20 million would be in gifts,
Athletic Director Gerald Myers said.

The east side expansion would include a 1,080-car parking
garage, 300 club seats, a 5,500-seat upper deck and 4,500 seats in
each of the stadium's four corners, bringing its capacity to just
more than 63,000. The parking garage could be done by 2007 and the
upper deck by the 2009 season.

Myers said the expansion will put the school is about the middle
of the Big 12 in stadium capacity.

The school currently is spending $2.5 million to replace the
field surface with field turf.

In 2003, Tech completed a $51.9 million, 175,000-square-foot
addition to the west side of the stadium that added more than 2,000
seats in 44 luxury suites and more than 1,000 new club seats.