Report: BCS standings to come out a day earlier

The Bowl Championship Series standings will be released the day after most college football games are played next season.

The standings have come out on Mondays in the past but will be released on Sundays in 2006, USA Today reported Wednesday.

BCS commissioners meeting in California this week approved the move, the paper reported.

The BCS will continue to use the Harris Poll, the USA Today
coaches poll and six computers for its standings. All will be done on Sunday to accomodate the earlier release of the BCS standings.

Earlier this year, the BCS added a fifth bowl and widened the field of eligible teams to the the top 14 from the top 12 for the 10 bowl spots.

Any Division I-A team is eligible for at-large consideration.
The BCS did not change its automatic qualifiers -- the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the final standings; the champions of the Big East, Big Ten, Southeastern, Pac-10, Big 12 and Atlantic Coast Conferences; Notre Dame if it finishes in the top eight; and a non-BCS team that finishes in the top 12, or in the top 16 if they're ahead of a BCS champion.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.