Lawmakers from Texas, Ohio have stake in game, too

AUSTIN -- Two U.S. senators are raising the stakes of
Saturday's Ohio State-Texas football game with what some might call
a "sweet" wager.

If Texas wins, Sen. Mike DeWine, R-Ohio, will deliver his wife's
homemade Buckeye candies to Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas. If
Ohio State wins, Hutchison will give DeWine some of Texas' own Blue
Bell ice cream.

The loser will present the winner with their home state treat on
Capitol Hill sometime next week.

"My kids and grandkids have been anticipating the game for
weeks and Buckeye fever is sweeping my office," DeWine said. "I
look forward to enjoying Texas' finest ice cream and an Ohio State

But Hutchison, a UT graduate, had some tough talk of her own.

"I commend Senator DeWine for his brave wager against a strong
Texas football force but can't wait to celebrate another victory on
Saturday in a sea of burnt orange," she said. "Hook 'em!"

The Longhorns beat the Buckeyes 25-22 last season on their way
to the national championship.