Clemson creates trust for donations to McElrathbeys

CLEMSON, S.C. -- A trust fund has been set up for donations
to help Clemson freshman Ray Ray McElrathbey care for his
11-year-old brother.

Clemson received numerous calls from potential donors throughout
the country, all touched by the story of the McElrathbeys --
19-year-old Ray Ray has temporary custody of Fahmarr.

The story has been featured on ESPN's "GameDay" and "ABC
World News Tonight," which named Ray Ray its "Person of the

Ray Ray McElrathbey sought custody of his brother because of
their mother's continuing drug addiction. Ray Ray did not want
Fahmarr returning to foster care.

The brothers had been living off Ray Ray's scholarship at an
apartment near campus. Friends and teammates had been helping the
player drive Fahmarr to middle school and then back to Clemson's
football offices to do his homework and wait for practice to

But the NCAA granted Clemson a waiver last week and allowed the
school to set up the "Fahmarr McElrathbey Trust Fund," which will
be used to help provide food and clothing. It also allows family
members of Clemson football coaches and administrators to provide
Fahmarr transportation.

The fund will be established through the First Citizens Bank of
Clemson, the school said Tuesday. While the details of the trust
are completed, an escrow account has been set up.

"This needs to be an arms-length arrangement" with Clemson's
athletic department, athletic director Terry Don Phillips said.

Clemson coach Tommy Bowden said Ray Ray is clearly relieved at
having his brother in town and knowing support for Fahmarr is on
the way.

"Last year, there were times that he came in my office crying
because of conversations he had with family members and what was
going on with his family," Bowden said. "I don't have those any