Longhorn takes spot Aggies use for yell practice

AUSTIN -- A University of Texas student has reserved the state Capitol's south steps for the date that Texas A&M University fans traditionally meet for midnight yell practice before the rivals' biennial game in Austin.

The move by Christian Deitering, 24, forced Austin-area Aggies
to alter their plans by scheduling to meet the night of Nov. 23 on
the Capitol's north steps, which don't require a reservation.

Deitering said he was annoyed two years ago when he saw the
Aggies practicing their football cheers the night before the game
while Texas fans were kept away.

"From what I could tell, A&M had security to make sure we
didn't get up there ... but I consider Austin my town," said
Deitering, who is also head of the Longhorn Hellraisers, a spirit

Deitering said he hopes to hold a rally for Longhorn fans on the
south steps. He reserved the location months ago with a call to the
State Preservation Board. He said he took action on his own and not
on behalf of the Hellraisers.

Stephen Mason, president-elect of the Capital City A&M club,
downplayed the conflict. He said Aggies have held yell practice on
the north steps within the past 10 years.

"This is no big deal," Mason said.

He said he's not bothered by the idea of rival rallies at the

"The Capitol grounds are such a big space that I don't think we
will notice they have people there," he said.

Deitering said he was trying to do something positive for Austin
and didn't realize he was tampering with an Aggie tradition.

"I didn't realize how big of a deal it was until I got call a
from Texas Exes, who explained to me, 'Do you know what you've
gotten into?"' he said.

Alison Crocker, student relations coordinator for the Texas
Exes, said the UT alumni group wouldn't support Deitering's

"I told him the spirit and the purpose of the alumni
association is to not interfere with other people's traditions and
I could not support him in his efforts," Crocker said.

Crocker said talks with A&M yell leaders about a joint event
between the two schools haven't come to fruition.