Punk band says Friday's show will be final one

The Dead Schembechlers, a Columbus, Ohio-based punk band that adopted the name of the late Michigan coach and dresses like late Ohio State coach Woody Hayes, will continue with concert plans on Friday night. The band, featured in the Forde-Yard Dash on Tuesday, is headlining a "Hate Michigan Rally" in Columbus.

The Detroit Free Press reported Friday, however, that it will be the band's final show.

"This will be it for us as a group," the band's leader, Bo Biafra was quoted as saying in the Free Press.

Biafra told the Free Press the band will donate proceeds from the show to a charity chosen by the Schembechler family.

The band was planning to make Friday one of the biggest days of its career. At the Newport Music Hall across from the Ohio State campus, they have taken down the words "Dead Schembechlers" on the marquee and substituted "God Bless Bo."

A statement on the band's website, headlined "BO SCHEMBECHLER: OSU'S MOST VALIANT FOE" said on Friday: "The band is crushed to learn of the death of Bo Schembechler. We named this band after Coach Schembechler to honor him as the face of Wolverine football. We have never wished ill will upon him in any way and have always wished him the best. When we learned that Bo had seen our web site and was amused by it we were delighted. We were simply delighted. He said to those with him as he read it, "See, I still matter in Columbus!" That may have been the greatest understatement in football history. We believe that he took the band's name as the compliment that it was meant as and that he was flattered by it. We wish to extend our deepest and most heartfelt sympathies to his family. We are truly sorry for their loss. "