Blanco: 'Our team deserves a BCS berth'

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Gov. Kathleen Blanco has called the presidents of the Rose Bowl Presened by Citi and the FedEx Orange Bowl to lobby LSU for a high Bowl Championship Series berth.

"Anyone who follows college football knows this has been a successful year for LSU and we Tiger fans are some of the most passionate fans in college sports," she said Thursday. "Our team deserves a BCS berth."

"I am reminding representatives of these bowls of the excitement our state shares for this team and everything we offer as LSU fans. An invitation to any of these bowls would be a major win for both LSU and the bowls themselves," she said.

At No. 5 in the BCS and Associated Press standings, the Tigers (10-2) are considered to have a good chance to be invited to the Rose Bowl.

While officials have denied media reports that LSU will be invited to the Rose Bowl, The Shreveport Times reported the school had already sold more than 38,000 pre-sale orders for tickets -- at $135 per ticket -- as of Thursday night.

Blanco, whose husband has coached college and high school football, spoke with Rose Bowl president and CEO Paul Holman about the Tigers' successful season and enthusiasm about the bowl in Pasadena.

Last month, Blanco hosted Holman and Tournament of Roses Committee members at the Governor's Mansion during the group's visit to Louisiana.

She also spoke with Orange Bowl president Eric Poms about the possibility of the Tigers heading to Miami.

Both bowls are expected to make their announcements Sunday.

A BCS berth for LSU depends on the outcome of two conference championships Saturday: The Southeastern Conference title game between Arkansas and No. 4 Florida and Arkansas and the Pac-10 title game between No. 2 USC (10-1) and heavy underdog UCLA.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.