Monk may miss Alabama game following knee procedure

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Arkansas receiver Marcus Monk may be
out through the Sept. 15 game at Alabama, now that he has undergone
a second arthroscopic surgery on his right knee.

Arkansas trainer Dean Weber told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
that two pieces of cartilage had moved beneath the meniscus in
Monk's knee, causing pain.

"It was two loose bodies that had flaked off the articular
cartilage that he had damaged before," Weber said.

Monk was injured in practice on Aug. 9 and had the first surgery
on Aug. 13. Monk was expected to miss Saturday's opener when the
No. 21 Razorbacks play Troy at Fayetteville. Weber said Monk may
miss the Sept. 15 game at Alabama, too.

"Is this going to set him back a little bit? Yeah," Weber
said. "How much is hard to say. Obviously he will miss the Troy
game, and he's doubtful for the Alabama game."

The new knee pain began Monday evening, and by 5:30 a.m., Monk
could not straighten the leg, Weber said.

An imaging scan was taken later Tuesday morning, and the
procedure was performed at 1 p.m., Weber said.

Arkansas coach Houston Nutt says the scope showed that Monk is
healing from his original operation.

"Naturally I wish he hadn't needed another scope, but after
talking to Dean I'm very optimistic because there has been healing,
and they didn't have to do much other than remove the loose bodies
of cartilage," Nutt said.

Monk has 24 career touchdown receptions, a Razorbacks record.
Monk caught 50 passes last season 962 yards and 11 touchdowns and
averaged 19.2 yards a catch.