Coach: Big 12 admits missing call in Texas-Arkansas St.

JONESBORO, Ark. -- Arkansas State coach Steve Roberts says
he was told by the Big 12 Conference's supervisor of football
officials that game officials wrongly overturned ASU's recovery of
an onside kick in the final minute of the No. 7 Longhorns 21-13
victory on Saturday.

"We got a confirmation [Tuesday] that they missed the
call," Roberts said.

The Indians were flagged with 56 seconds left in the game for an
improper formation. Texas recovered a subsequent onside kick
attempt and ran out the clock.

Roberts said the game film showed the Indians had enough players
on both sides of the ball before the kick.

"There's nothing you can do about it now," Roberts said. "I
don't have a reaction because a reaction's worthless."

Texas coach Mack Brown echoed similar sentiments.

"When you look at calls, some go for us, some go against us,"
Brown said. "You don't worry about them and move on.'"

Big 12 Conference spokesman Bob Burda said Wednesday that league
rules prevented him from confirming Roberts' account. While not
confirming that a conversation took place, Burda said any
discussion between officials coordinator Walt Anderson and Roberts
would be confidential.

Burda said any discussion would occur between Big 12 officials
and officials from the Sun Belt Conference, of which Arkansas State
is a member.

"Our sportsmanship rules preclude our saying anything about
officiating," Burda said.