Students approve fee increase in UTSA's first step toward football team

SAN ANTONIO -- Students at the University of Texas at San
Antonio have voted to increase student-paid athletics fees to
support an eventual football program at the school.

The results of this week's vote, announced Thursday, mean
student athletic fees may incrementally increase from a maximum of
$120 per semester to a maximum of $240 a semester. While the money
will generally go to improvements for the school's athletics
programs, the vote also is a first step toward eventually creating
a football team.

Almost 66 percent of the 4,600 votes cast were in favor of the

The NCAA Division I school, with an enrollment of nearly 29,000
students, already sponsors 16 sports.

Marianne McBride Lewis, a university spokeswoman, said the
earliest the school could have a team is 2010, but that's "really

She said to create a team the school will need additional
financial support from outside donors, since tuition money and
state funding can't be used for athletics.

The school's administration and the University of Texas System
Board of Regents still each has to approve the increase. The first
incremental increase could go into effect next fall, Lewis said.