Relatives of Gipp suing ESPN over exhumation

Relatives of George Gipp are suing ESPN, among others, over the Oct. 4 exhumation of the Notre Dame football legend's body to determine whether he fathered a child out of wedlock.

Test results made public last week showed Gipp was not the father of his former girlfriend's daughter, born five days after Gipp's death in 1920.

The defendants include Rick Frueh, a great-nephew of Gipp's who requested the exhumation, and Mike Bynum, a writer who helped arrange the exhumation.

ESPN filmed the exhumation for a possible report about Gipp on its show "E:60."

"We were there to document it as a news event," ESPN spokesman Rob Tobias said. "We had no involvement in the planning or execution of the exhumation, nor did we pay for any of the proceedings."