Branches of military getting tickets to bowl game in Hawaii

GREENVILLE, N.C. -- East Carolina University football fans
are buying tickets to their team's bowl game in Hawaii, but they
are donating them to military personnel who expect to spend time
there during the Christmas holiday.

Assistant athletic director for ticketing and marketing Scott
Wetherbee said ECU wants to be sure someone will sit in its seats
for the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl on Dec. 23 in Honolulu by buying
tickets and donating them to active members of the service.

"We know were not going to take 5,000 fans to Hawaii,"
Wetherbee said.

Hawaii Bowl executive director Jim Donovan had contacts with all
five branches of the armed services, Wetherbee said, and the idea
was to give those stationed on the islands -- preferably those not
from Hawaii -- a chance to request tickets to the game.

The five branches of the military have 45,564 active, reserve
and National Guard troops and sailors stationed at 13 installations
throughout the islands, according to the Hawaii state government. If
there are not enough takers from the military, Wetherbee said,
tickets will be offered to firefighters, police officers and local

In exchange for their donations, ECU fans will receive a
commemorative bowl ticket. As for the ECU followers buying and
using their own tickets, Wetherbee said the number grew slowly last

"Right now, we're pushing 200 that have ordered," he said.
"If I had to guess, I would hope we would have 400 or 500 make the
destination. We told them to send us about 1,000 and the rest of
our allotment we would try to donate."

Wetherbee confirmed some fans have chosen to be more charitable
than others. The biggest givers since the donation process began
Monday include one fan who donated 25 of the $40 tickets, and a
company that tried to confirm seats for a handful of employees in
Hawaii with ECU ties.