Three players disciplined after traffic stop yields drugs

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer laid down
the law Monday on three freshmen football players caught with
marijuana in their car during a traffic stop.

Wide receivers Gerald Jones and Ahmad Paige were cited Friday
for misdemeanor drug possession. No charges were made against
backseat passengers William Brimfield and visiting recruit Jameel
Owens from Oklahoma.

But Fulmer decided after meeting with them Monday to discipline
all three 18-year-olds.

"They understand that this behavior will not be tolerated,"
Fulmer said.

"They have a number of things they need to do to get back in
our good graces, including performing community service with a drug
rehabilitation facility, participating in police ride-alongs and
more frequent drug tests."

They also will be prohibited from hosting recruits for one year.

Police pulled over the players' car around 10:41 p.m. Friday
near the University of Tennessee campus for a burned out license
tag light, Knoxville police spokesman Darrel DeBusk said Monday.

Paige, from Monroe, La., owned the Dodge Magnum. Jones, from
Oklahoma City, was driving. Brimfield is from Norway, S.C.

Officers smelled "burnt marijuana coming from the open window"
and searched the car with Paige and Jones' consent, DeBusk said.
They found two marijuana cigars, one partially smoked.

"The driver and the passenger said the marijuana was theirs,"
DeBusk said.

Jones was charged with simple possession of marijuana, not
wearing a seat belt and the tag light violation. Paige was charged
with simple possession of marijuana, DeBusk said.

"I am extremely disappointed in these young men and the
decision they made," Fulmer said. "This is an example of youth
and stupidity by boys that need to become men and not make stupid
and irrational decisions trying to impress each other."