Gonzalez to keep scholarship despite jail sentence

SALT LAKE CITY -- San Jose State linebacker Ryne "Ryno" Gonzalez, 20, will not lose his scholarship, coach Dick Tomey said, despite being sentenced to jail for 45 days earlier this month for punching a friend in the face in 2005.

Gonzalez confronted Chad Cisneros over a woman both were dating, according to a report by The Associated Press. Gonzalez walked into Cisneros' home in Penryn, Calif., east of Sacramento, when he saw his girlfriend's truck in the driveway.

The incident occurred before Tomey recruited Gonzalez.

"He's been with us two years and that happened three years ago," Tomey said. "It's serious and he feels bad about it. He's changed a lot since then. We'll see where the legal process goes and if we need to add team discipline to that at the end of it we will.

"He's very clear about the fact that he acted very inappropriate and he felt bad about it," Tomey said. "But again, that happened before I even knew him. And what I know about him has been nothing but tremendous."

Gonzalez is expected to appeal the sentence.

Graham Watson covers college football for ESPN.com. She can be reached at gwatson.espn@gmail.com.