Undefeated team from Big 12 or SEC will play in title game

There wasn't much change in the top 10 of the polls this week, but there was enough shuffling in the computer rankings to cause some minor movement in this week's mock BCS standings.

Both polls (coaches' and Harris) and five of the six computers that make up the BCS formula are being published. If you stay true to the formula and drop the high and low known computer ranking for each team (and use the other three), here's how the BCS standings would look right now.

Through Week 6, one thing is perfectly clear. Any team that finishes undefeated in either the Big 12 or SEC will play for the BCS Championship. Until one of those conferences has all its members with at least a 1 in the loss column, there isn't much meat on the "best one-loss team" discussion.

Of course, it won't be surprising if that happens before the end of this month. Just rearrange your sock drawer or whatever you can do to stay busy for another couple of weeks. This thing is bound to get interesting soon.

The first official BCS standings, by the way, will be released Oct. 19.

Several items of interest from this week's computer ratings:

• Alabama is still the nation's No. 1 team in cyberspace, being ranked first by four computers and second by the other.

• Vanderbilt is No. 1 -- yes, you actually read those words -- in the Massey Ratings. But even after you throw out that number, the Commodores are still tied with Missouri for the second-best computer average.

• Perhaps the least significant story line of this weekend's Red River Rivalry: The game will break a tie between the Sooners and Longhorns in the BCS computers. They are tied for fifth … slightly behind Utah.

• LSU is held back in the mock standings by being the 11th-best team in the computers. Only the Billingsley Report has the Tigers higher than 10th right now.

• Texas Tech's best computer ranking is 12th by Jeff Sagarin, although the version of his rankings that includes margin of victory (not used by the BCS) has the Red Raiders 10th.

• Thanks to a schedule-strength ranking in the 100s by most of the computers, BYU appears in the top 18 of only Billingsley's ratings and is outside the Top 25 of both Sagarin's and Massey's.

• Florida also is taking it on the chin in the electronic rankings. The Gators are higher than 25th in only one of the computers (16th by Billingsley).

• Boise State is ranked in the top 12 of four of the five computers, and is 14th in the other one.

Brad Edwards is a college football researcher at ESPN.