Notre Dame's Weis needs surgery on other knee, too

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis needs to have surgery on his right knee before doctors can operate on his more seriously injured left knee.

Weis found out this week that he has a torn lateral meniscus in his right knee as well as damage to a bone that will require doctors to shave the bone, school spokesman Brian Hardin said Friday night.

Weis could undergo surgery as early as next week before the Irish (6-6) leave Friday to play in the Hawaii Bowl, or could wait until the first or second week of January.

Weis, who was on the road recruiting, was not available for comment.

Hardin said Weis does not know whether the injury occurred when Weis was hit on the sideline against Michigan on Sept. 13 or is the result of favoring his right knee since that injury to his left knee. Weis said before the team banquet on Dec. 5 that he needed a shot in his right knee because he was in pain.

Doctors told Weis the damage to his left knee was so severe it appeared that he had been in a car crash. He tore the anterior cruciate, medial collateral and posterior cruciate ligament and the lateral meniscus in that knee.

He injured his left knee when defensive end John Ryan, who is 6-foot-5 and 264 pounds, was blocked and crashed into Weis while running downfield following a punt.

Weis is scheduled to undergo surgery on the left knee on Feb. 24.

The recovery time for the surgery on the right knee is expected to take four to six weeks. After the surgery on the left knee, Weis expects to be on crutches for two months and doesn't expect to be back to full strength for about six months.