Marve granted release from Hurricanes scholarship

CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Quarterback Robert Marve is leaving Miami, ending weeks of speculation about his future and adding to the tumultuous start of the Hurricanes' offseason.

Marve started 11 of 13 games for the Hurricanes, but also served two suspensions, including one that kept him out of the Emerald Bowl. He asked coach Randy Shannon for his release Monday night, and the school announced that Marve was leaving Tuesday.

"I had to get out," Marve told the AP from his family's home in Tampa. "I just decided that I can't play for coach Shannon."

The release comes with conditions that don't sit well with Marve. He can't play for teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference, the Southeastern Conference or the state of Florida. It's not unusual for programs to place restrictions on the deal when a marquee player transfers.

Marve said he will try to fight to soften the terms of the release. He is appealing Miami's decision, and a university review panel is expected to hear his side in the coming days. Marve wants to enroll somewhere new in January.

"It doesn't make any sense," Marve said.

Shannon wished Marve well in a brief statement released by the school.

"I have respect for Robert and wish him nothing but success in the future," Shannon said.

Marve's request came hours after Miami fired offensive coordinator Patrick Nix. Marve and Nix were close, but Marve's decision was not made because of the coordinator's dismissal.

Marve was one of the prized signings in Miami's 2007 recruiting class, yet missed his freshman season because of injuries sustained in a car crash that summer. He won the starting job for 2008, but Shannon also played freshman Jacory Harris in every game.

"I just felt like it wasn't fair to either one of us, honestly," Marve said.

Marve completed 116 of 213 passes for 1,293 yards with nine touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

Harris finished the year 118-for-194 with 1,195 yards passing, 12 touchdowns and seven interceptions, and even if Marve returned, Harris was going to enter spring ball as the Hurricanes' No. 1 quarterback.

Marve said he and Harris are good friends, but added that he simply didn't feel a connection with Shannon and decided a change was necessary even though it'll mean he'll sit out again in 2009 under NCAA transfer rules.

Marve told The AP that, while it's disappointing to sit out another year, his body can use the time to continue healing from the crash.

"I don't think people realize how hurt I was," Marve said. "My body changed completely after that."

Where will Marve go?

Florida, Tennessee and LSU were thought of as possible destinations for Marve -- but none of those will apparently be his new home, unless the release terms are changed.

"I've got to sort a lot of stuff out," Marve said.

Earlier Tuesday, Shannon told WQAM radio he would have preferred Marve stay.

"Robert has to accept that, 'Hey, I have to be a person that is willing to do what we are doing at the University of Miami,'" Shannon said.

Marve's short time as the Hurricanes' starter was marred, most notably by two incidents deemed serious enough to merit keeping him off the field.

He drew a one-game suspension to start this season because he was arrested on two misdemeanor charges related to vandalism on Oct. 31, 2007. Shannon's rules say an arrest merits a suspension, although the charges were dropped and Marve paid about $100 in damages.

Marve's second suspension was for missing an English class for the fourth time this past semester, though he said he was late to the class because he was speaking with another professor. He went home soon after; other players who were suspended for breaking team rules continued practicing with the team until it departed for San Francisco.

The second suspension cost Marve a chance to play in the Emerald Bowl, which Miami lost to Cal 24-17. The Hurricanes finished the season 7-6, and Marve said it was "very hard, very frustrating" to watch that loss on television.

"I'm very disappointed that it ended this way because I liked the school and I liked the University of Miami," Marve said. "It's just frustrating. ... I wanted to stay at Miami. I loved being a 'Cane and I'll always be a 'Cane."