Miami lifts some restrictions on Marve's transfer

CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Former Miami quarterback Robert Marve may transfer to a Southeastern Conference school with the Hurricanes' blessing after all.

That is, any SEC school except Tennessee, Florida or LSU.

Miami lifted some of the sanctions regarding Marve's transfer late Friday, four days after the Hurricanes' starting quarterback this past season said he was leaving for a new school.

Marve is still prohibited from transferring to schools in the Atlantic Coast Conference and within the state of Florida. But those three SEC schools remain off-limits, Miami officials said,
because of the belief that discussions about Marve transferring to
one of those institutions has been going on for some time.

"The University of Miami has reason to believe that the Marve
family or others on behalf of the Marve family contacted those
institutions during the 2008 season regarding Robert's potential
transfer prior to him having been given his release by UM," the
university said in a statement released Friday night. "We are not
suggesting any wrongdoing on the part of any of the universities

Marve has repeatedly told The Associated Press that he has not
had any contact with those schools, something he reiterated Friday
night in a telephone interview.

"I don't understand it," Marve told the AP. "It's crazy. I
don't understand why they wouldn't give me the other three schools.
I'm not sure. I just want more options for me, so I can do what's
best for me. I just don't understand this."

Marve's appeal to have the restrictions on transferring to any
in-state (other than ACC member Florida State) or SEC school
remains ongoing. He completed the first round of paperwork Friday,
but some schools that he might be targeting commence
spring-semester classes soon, so time is a serious concern to Marve
and his family.

It has been a contentious breakup between Marve and Miami. The
former Florida high school "Mr. Football" award winner from Plant
High in Tampa was the Hurricanes' starter for 11 games this
season, missing the season opener and season finale because of
one-game suspensions that were unrelated.

Marve was kept home from the Emerald Bowl after missing his
fourth English class of the semester, even though the player argued
that he was merely minutes late to the class, not absent. His
appeals went nowhere, and on Monday night, Marve decided that he
needed to find a new school.

Florida and Tennessee were believed to be high on Marve's list.

"The only reason I can even see them saying that I can't go to
those three schools is what people have been saying on blogs and
message boards and what not," Marve said. "The blogs were saying
I was transferring before transferring even crossed my mind."

Marve's father, former NFL player Eugene Marve, told the Miami Herald that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2003, and wants his son playing close to home.

"People don't realize what goes on beyond the smile," Eugene Marve told the Herald on Friday. "The family has hardship, and we thought [UM] was an excellent academic school and we wanted to be close -- to take care of his mother, who went through the death of her second husband before Robert went to UM, and to be near me with my prostate cancer."

Marve committed to Alabama at one point during his high school
career, then ultimately chose Miami. He missed the 2007 season
because of injuries suffered in a car crash, and by
transferring anywhere, he'll have to sit out the 2009 season as

"Robert's desire to request a transfer was reviewed in the same
manner that we do for every student-athlete in every sport," the
university's statement said. "It is important to note that any
stipulations imposed on any possible transfer are always the result
of circumstances and are not done in haste or spite."

Marve split time with Jacory Harris this season, and Harris was
selected the first-stringer entering 2009 after Miami's 24-17 loss
to California in the Emerald Bowl.

Marve completed 116 of 213 passes for
1,293 yards with nine touchdowns and 13 interceptions this season.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.