Longhorns to learn nuances of BCS

Texas coach Mack Brown plans to invite several leading BCS pundits to meet with his staff and team to explain the nuances of the muddled system.

Brown's announcement comes after the Longhorns were nosed out of the Big 12 championship game because the BCS rankings were used as the fifth tiebreaker to decide a title game participant among South Division tri-champions Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Texas.

Oklahoma was ranked .024 ahead of the Longhorns in the final regular-season BCS poll, despite losing to Texas, 45-35, earlier in the season. All three teams had 7-1 conference records to finish the regular season.

"As a staff we're planning to bring in BCS gurus and the computer guys and talking to them," Brown said. "We want to find out where we fell short in those areas. Is it margin of victory? Was it not scoring more because if it doesn't matter to the computers it does to the human vote? We're looking at all those things now."

That lingering disappointment is serving as a motivation for the Longhorns as they begin spring practice Friday, Brown said.

"I think the kids have a self-motivation," Brown said. "That was a huge disappointment for them. How many times do you get a chance to play for a national championship? Starting out today they think it is a viable chance for them if they go back if they go out and clean up in a few areas."

Tim Griffin covers college football for espn.com. You may contact him at espntimgriff@yahoo.com.