Elway comfortable with son's decision

Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway says he understands his son Jack's decision to quit football, he said Thursday, according to The Denver Post.

Jack Elway, a redshirt freshman at Arizona State, decided to leave the team last month, during spring practice. He remains enrolled at the school as a student.

"He sounds better," John Elway said, according to the report. "Just talking to him, it's like the world has been lifted off his shoulders. So I'm happy for him."

Elway said his son did not love football to the degree that he had, according to the report.

"Obviously, he had the talent to play in college. But it wasn't in his makeup," Elway said, according to the Post. "As I told him when we were talking about it, 'You know, if you don't love the game of football, it's too hard. It's physical and it's a brutal sport. You have to absolutely love it.'"

Elway said he got some perspective on his son's situation from former Denver Broncos quarterback Brian Griese, himself the son of a Hall of Famer, former Miami Dolphins quarterback Bob Griese.

"Brian was kind of talking from Jack's point of view and said, 'John, you know it got tougher for me at college,'" Elway said, according to the report. "That kind of put a green light on it for me to look at it from Jack's perspective."