Who runs the spread offense?

The spread offense is seemingly reaching new heights each season. Below is a list of schools that run the spread or a version of the spread at least 75 percent of time.


Clemson: Spread

Georgia Tech: Triple-option spread

Virginia: Spread

Big 12

Baylor: Spread passing offense

Iowa State: Spread passing offense

Kansas: Spread passing offense

Missouri: Spread passing offense

Oklahoma State: Spread passing offense

Texas: Spread passing offense

Texas Tech: Air Raid passing offense

Big East

Cincinnati: Spread

South Florida: Spread

West Virginia: Spread option

Big Ten

Illinois: Multiple spread

Indiana: Multiple spread

Michigan: Spread option

Northwestern: Multiple spread

Penn State: Spread HD

Purdue: Shotgun spread

Conference USA

Houston: Spread

Memphis: Spread

SMU: Run and shoot

Southern Miss: Spread

Tulsa: Spread


Akron: Spread/Multiple

Central Michigan: Spread

Kent State: Spread

Toledo: Spread

Mountain West

BYU: Spread

UNLV: Spread

Utah: Spread

Wyoming: Spread


Arizona: Air Raid passing offense

Oregon: Spread option


Auburn: Multiple spread

Florida: Spread option

Mississippi State: Spread option

Vanderbilt: Multiple spread

Sun Belt

Arkansas State: Spread option

Louisiana-Lafayette: Spread option

Louisiana-Monroe: Spread option

Middle Tennessee: Spread pass

North Texas: Spread pass

Troy: Spread pass

WKU: Spread option


Hawaii: Run and shoot

Nevada: Pistol

Utah State: Spread