Report: Tebow insured for roughly $2M

How much are a Heisman Trophy, two national championships and the adoration of a legion of Florida Gator fans worth? About $2 million.

Gators quarterback Tim Tebow disclosed at SEC Media Days on Thursday he has taken out roughly $2 million worth of insurance policies, Florida Today reported.

The senior quarterback told Florida Today he didn't even consider buying the insurance until head coach Urban Meyer stepped in.

"How many times does a guy really take advantage of that insurance?" Tebow told Florida Today. "I have it but that's because he [Gators coach Urban Meyer] made me get it. I didn't even want to go up [get more] or anything with it."

Tebow's policies are in case of injuries -- a practice allowed under NCAA regulations. Usually, the premiums on the policies are not paid until after the players sign an NFL contract.

Tebow declined to raise his policy amount this year. Florida Today reported he could have qualified for as much as $6 million if he purchased the policy through an independent agent.

"I don't think negatively like something is going to happen," Tebow said to Florida Today. "It was more Coach Meyer and Coach [Dan] Mullen when he was [at UF] who wanted us to get it."

Policies are available through both the NCAA and independent agencies.