Cox has injured throwing shoulder

Georgia quarterback Joe Cox said Friday that he is attempting to play through an injured throwing shoulder.

"It's nerve problems caused by a muscle that protects my rotator cuff," Cox said. "One of the muscles that protects the rotator cuff has wasted away and that puts pressure on the rotator cuff."

Cox said he first felt pain this spring and that his lifting and throwing schedules have been altered.

Cox plans to start against South Carolina on Saturday. Sophomore Logan Gray is ready to play if called upon.

"Most of my pain is away from football," Cox said. "At night when I sleep. Picking up a bookbag. Driving with my right hand."

Cox said he does not believe that the injury has affected his velocity. Doctors have told Cox it's unlikely he'll need surgery.

"It might not get better," Cox said. "I might have it forever. I might just have to manage it."

Cox is also recovering from the flu, which affected him last week. Cox said he has lost nine pounds and only regained his appetite on Wednesday.

"I got the IV before the last game," Cox said. "I wasn't breathing well. I was weak. But I'm feeling better now."

Georgia coaches are saying they believe that right now, Cox gives the team the best chance to win.

Joe Schad is a college football reporter for ESPN.