McCoy fought off flu effects in 2nd half

AUSTIN, Texas -- A kiddie drink and an old lunch-box standard got Colt McCoy through a tough win over Texas Tech.

The senior quarterback for No. 2 Texas had the flu last week, causing him to miss a day of practice and kept him out of most drills. By Saturday night, he said he was still not feeling 100 percent while the Longhorns staggered to a 10-3 halftime lead.

But a halftime spent downing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and slugging back Pedialyte, a children's hydration drink, made him feel better (for the record, McCoy likes grape flavor).

It made a big difference on the field. McCoy was 15 of 18 passing in the second half and threw his only touchdown in the 34-24 win.

"I didn't have flu symptoms on the sideline. I felt the results of having the flu," he said Monday. "I was quarantined for a couple of days. Once my adrenaline got going and I was ready to play, I started shaking. My legs were shaking, my arm was shaking."

McCoy was 9 of 16 passing with one interception in the first half.

"I just felt weak. I wasn't myself," McCoy said. "[At halftime] I ate a bunch and drank a bunch. I felt recharged. I ended up playing great."

The sandwiches are part of the normal halftime routine, McCoy said.

McCoy's roommate, wide receiver Jordan Shipley, said McCoy wore a mask last week to help avoid spreading the bug and slept a lot.

The flu has hit other teams, from Mississippi to Wisconsin and top-ranked Florida. The Gators got flu shots Sunday and Texas coach Mack Brown said his players did the same thing.

Brown said a few other players he would not identify also had flu symptoms last week. He worried McCoy could spread the flu because he touches the ball on every snap.

"We had to keep him away," Brown said. "Colt tried to shake my hand last week and I said, 'Uh, uh, big boy.' "