No Twitter for Aggies players, staff

LAS CRUCES, N.M. -- New Mexico State coach DeWayne Walker doesn't see his decision to ban his team from using Twitter this season as an issue about control.

For Walker, it's about protection.

"You've got 105 guys on your football team," he said Thursday at the team's media day. "It's not a matter of not trusting guys. Guys may say things and do things that can affect not only our football team but our university and not even mean it."

Walker showed he was serious about the ban a short time later, declaring on his Twitter account that he's finished until December.

"The in-season twitter ban applies to me as well. Thanks for following and we'll talk after the season," Walker tweeted. "Even though I am the HC, I must practice what I preach, thank you for your support!! Go Aggies!!"

Walker's decision comes after Boise State coach Chris Petersen banned Twitter for his players. Walker said he met with his coaches to discuss the issue, and all agreed it was the right course. It doesn't hurt that NMSU athletic director McKinley Boston offered his support, too.

"Anything that helps them keep focused on the task at hand and not allow them to mimic what the pros are doing," Boston said.

New Mexico State receiver Todd Lee said Walker's directive will have little effect on him because he doesn't have a Twitter account. But Lee added that the decision will "cut out some of that extra nonsense that we don't need coming into the season."