NCAA: No suspensions for NFL rookies

The NCAA on Wednesday said suspensions for NFL rookies who accept extra benefits as college players "are not currently under consideration."

Multiple sources have said the idea of a suspension, in addition to financial penalties, had been discussed, mostly at the suggestion of college coaches, both during in-person and teleconference meetings of a panel assembled to address improper agent activity.

"The NFLPA is opposed to any penalty being imposed upon a player in the NFL for conduct relating to the receipt of benefits in violation of NCAA rules while the player was in college," the NFLPA said in a statement. "However, we will continue to discuss with the NCAA and others issues relating to the conduct of agents certified by the NFLPA as they interact with NCAA players."

The executive director of the American Football Coaches Association, Grant Teaff, said Wednesday that post-NCAA penalties for college players who receive extra benefits at the end of their college careers is "on the table."

Teaff said while the organization isn't "pushing" ideas, those that have been discussed include financial penalties and suspension.

"The historical part of this is it is the first time we have ever had all the stakeholders meeting on an issue," Teaff said. "It is gratifying to see. And it is really the first time we have a chance to be effective for the long haul."

Joe Schad is a college football reporter or ESPN.