The Nation's Best: Fifth Annual Herbies

The Herbies celebrate their fifth season with an all-star cast of players and a few extra catagories from the sights and sounds from around college football.

But before we announce the winners, let's get one thing straight -- The Herbies celebrate college football players. This list has everything to do with the playmakers, the hogmollies, the difference makers and, in short, just great college football players. It has nothing -- nothing -- to do with their pro potential.

Now, what's a Herbie? It's given to the best college football players, coaches, teams and fans from across the nation.

Also, this is just my list. These are my choices and not everyone will agree. That's the beauty of it. Let the second-guessing begin.

So, here they are -- the fifth annual Herbie Awards.

*Note: This position is just way too deep and way too good this year. Tight end is a position that might be undervalued by the fans, but clearly offensive coordinators are taking advantage of that "tweener" athlete, the one who is too big to play wide receiver but too athletic not to take advantage of somehow. Players like these become difficult matchups for opposing defenses because of their rare combination of size and speed.

*Does all the little things right on game day, from adjustments to speeches to whatever is needed from the minute they arrive to the minute they leave.