Who would you rather be in 2010?

Time to have some fun. Take a look at this list of coaches, players and teams, and ask yourself this question: Would you rather be …

1. John Brantley or Garrett Gilbert? Does anybody want to be the guy replacing Tim Tebow or Colt McCoy? Brantley has better-skilled players around him this season.

2. Mark Ingram or Trent Richardson? The pressure on Ingram to repeat as Heisman Trophy winner is going to be huge. Richardson is going to get his chance to carry some of the load, too.

3. Mark Richt or Les Miles? Maybe neither is really on the hot seat at this point. Maybe Miles is the one feeling the pressure. But both need to start competing for SEC championships before too long. Miles has a better defense, but Richt has a better offense -- even with a freshman starting at QB.

4. Gary Patterson or Chris Petersen? Leading the two premier non-AQ teams in the country has made life grand for both coaches. Which one gets more respect? Who deserves more respect? Maybe it is better to be Patterson this season because all the pressure and expectations are on Petersen to deliver.

5. Andrew Luck or Jake Locker? Both are the toast of the Pac-10. Locker might have an easier time than Luck, who has to play this season without Toby Gerhart.

6. Randy Shannon or Jimbo Fisher? Fisher has the tough task of replacing a legend and rebuilding a once-storied program. Shannon has the tough task of rebuilding a once-storied program. The advantage might go to Shannon on this one because he seems to be one step ahead.

7. Rich Rodriguez or Ron Zook? The chances that both men are still employed by their respective schools at the end of the season appear slim at this point. But wouldn't you rather be Zook, considering he doesn't have the specter of two NCAA investigations hanging over his head?

8. Case Keenum or Kellen Moore? Both are labeled system quarterbacks, but Moore is on the better team. Advantage, Moore.

9. Bobby Bowden or Joe Paterno? Bowden doesn't have to worry about coaching ever again and is enjoying his retirement. Paterno has the all-time wins record but has looked increasingly frail. After the age of 80, life just seems better on the golf course.

10. Brian Kelly or yourself? Rebuilding Notre Dame or living a normal life? I'll take my life.

11. Houston Nutt or Lane Kiffin? Nutt got ripped for signing Jeremiah Masoli. But Kiffin gets ripped on a daily basis for one antic or another. Definitely Nutt.

12. Jim Delany or Mike Slive? Even though Delany has tried to make his move on the SEC, Slive and his league still rule.

13. Natural grass or artificial turf? Nothing beats the smell of freshly cut grass on a crisp fall day. Rubber pellets? Not so much.

14. A kicker or a punter? Much more pressure on kickers, but much more glory, too.

15. Jerrod Johnson or Robert Griffin III? Potentially two of the best quarterbacks in the Big 12, the advantage has to go to Johnson simply because he's not coming off a major knee injury.

16. Nebraska or Texas? Would you rather be king of the unstable Big 12 or head to the more storied Big Ten? Texas rules for now, because it is going to have a chance to dominate the conference and take all the money.

17. Ryan Williams or Darren Evans? Williams gets the nod because he isn't coming off an injury.

18. Michigan helmet or Notre Dame helmet? The Wolverines helmet is iconic.

19. Eastern Michigan or Western Kentucky? This has been a week to forget for Eastern Michigan coach Ron English, who has taken criticism for his comments about single moms. Both teams went winless last season, and both should get at least one win this season. Eastern Michigan might be further along because this is Year 2 of the English era. Willie Taggart just started at Western Kentucky.

20. Dion Lewis or Noel Devine? Can we take both?

Andrea Adelson is a national college football blogger for ESPN.com. She can be reached at andrea.adelson@gmail.com.