Reesing throws for 412 yards, 146 of them to Briscoe, as Jayhawks avoid letdown

LAWRENCE, Kan. -- The yell rang out after Dezmon Briscoe broke the first tackle: One!

Two! Three! they shouted as he broke into the secondary, sloughing off two more defenders. Briscoe cut back inside the 10 and powered through three more tackles, falling into the end zone. Four! Five! Six!

Todd Reesing threw for a career-high 412 yards and three scores, and Briscoe turned a short pass into a 48-yard touchdown play in the third quarter to spark No. 14 Kansas to a 29-0 victory over Louisiana Tech on Saturday night.

"I tell you I've got the worst seat in the house," Kansas coach Mark Mangino said. "I'm trying to wade through bodies and I can hear the coaches upstairs saying 'he's still on his feet, he's still on his feet, he's still on his feet, it's a touchdown.' I'm glad he was in the end zone."

Coming off a 40-10 win over Florida International, Kansas (2-0) was hoping to avoid a letdown against Louisiana Tech (1-1) before facing No. 17 South Florida next week in Tampa.

The Jayhawks struggled early, clinging to a 13-0 halftime lead despite Reesing's 217 yards passing.

Then Briscoe took off.

Catching a 5-yard slant, Briscoe broke the initial tackle to get into Louisiana Tech's secondary, running through two more arm tackles. He cut back inside the 10 to go by one would-be tackler, ran through another, then dove past the sixth man into the end zone.

"That shouldn't happen," Louisiana State coach Derek Dooley said. "I don't care how good the runner is."

Briscoe, who had three touchdown catches against FIU, was still celebrating on the sideline as Kansas' fans counted off the broken tackles during the replay on the scoreboard. He finished with seven catches for a career-high 146 yards to help Kansas win its 11th straight home game.

"That's the ideal pass, when you all you have to do is throw it about 10 yards and get a 50-yard completion out of it," said Reesing, who had the third-most yards in school history. "I was on the ground at that point and he just kept going and going. He's deceptively hard to tackle and sometimes I wonder why he doesn't go down."

Kansas had another difficult game rushing, finishing with 126 yards -- 64 in the fourth quarter, when the game was out of reach -- on 33 carries after averaging 3.6 yards on 36 attempts last week.

But that loosened things up for Reesing, who was 32-for-38 and threw two touchdown passes to Daymond Patterson, the second a 39-yarder that put the Jayhawks up 29-0 late in the third quarter. Patterson had eight catches for 130 yards and Kerry Meier caught nine for 71 yards.

"They did a good job of moving their linebackers in and out of the box," Mangino said. "What they were doing was trying to disrupt us, but you're taking some chances with our passing game. If I was coaching against us, I would defend against the pass because it's proven that it can hurt you."

Kansas' defense didn't allow a touchdown for the second straight game, though the Jayhawks had trouble early with Louisiana Tech's no-huddle offense, particularly during the Bulldogs' second drive.

Holding the ball for more than 9 minutes, LaTech converted six third-down conversions during a 22-play drive, reaching the 5. All that work went for nothing when Taylor Bennett threw behind Anthony Harrison in the end zone and KU's Darrell Stuckey swatted it to teammate Chris Harris for an interception.

Kansas made the sting worse, zipping 80 yards in eight plays for a 3-yard touchdown pass from Reesing to Patterson to go up 10-0.

"Any time you go down there tight and you don't get points, it's devastating," Dooley said.

LaTech lost another chance to score in the third quarter, when Phillip Livas broke free for 78 yards. He appeared to have a clear shot to the end zone, but Stuckey ran him down at the 2.

Stuckey followed with another big play, dropping Patrick Jackson for a 4-yard loss. Two more failed plays later, Brad Oestriecher caromed a 23-yard field goal attempt off the outside of the goal post.

That was it for the Bulldogs, 4-22 against Big 12 schools.

"We had some opportunities and we couldn't capitalize on them," Bennett said. "Without a doubt, [those plays] would have changed the whole outcome of the game."