Robert Quinn surprised by letter

ST. LOUIS -- St. Louis Rams defensive end Robert Quinn was surprised to get a letter of "permanent disassociation" from North Carolina for NCAA violations that led to criminal charges against five people for violating the state's sports agent law.

Quinn, who leads the NFC with 12 sacks, told The Associated Press on Thursday that he believed the letter was sent for the school's "protection." He says he won't "bad-mouth anybody."

"It's in the past; I've just moved on from it," Quinn said. "I'm looking toward the future, bettering my life. They do what they've got to do."

Quinn and two other former Tar Heels were ruled ineligible in 2010 for receiving improper benefits. The Rams drafted Quinn with the 14th overall pick in 2011.

The letters, dated Nov. 15, prohibit Quinn, Marvin Austin and Greg Little from contacting current North Carolina players. They're also barred from campus athletic facilities.

"I still know a couple guys that are there," Quinn said. "So I wish the best for them as they finish their year, and see if they get an opportunity to play in the league.

"Basically, I have no ties to North Carolina anymore. I'm a professional now."