Tevin Reese returns for Baylor

Baylor wide receiver Tevin Reese says the cast on his injured right wrist will be removed Friday and that he expects to play for the No. 6 Bears in the Jan. 1 Fiesta Bowl against UCF.

Reese dislocated his wrist when came down awkwardly on a play in the first half against Oklahoma on Nov. 7. He missed the next four games for the eventual Big 12 champion Bears.

"Words can't explain how ready I am," Reese said by phone Thursday from the school's Waco campus. "I'm pretty excited to get back, ready to get back."

Once the cast is removed, Reese will talk with doctors and set a rehab plan.

"It was like I had Christmas early," quarterback Bryce Petty said about Reese's planned return.

In seven games before he was injured, Reese had 33 catches for 824 yards and eight touchdowns. The senior was averaging 103 yards per game and 25 yards a catch.

Even with the cast, Reese said he has been running routes and catching passes this week.

"He's looking pretty good," fellow receiver Antwan Goodley said.

"His body doesn't make sense to me," said Petty, who broke his hand as a freshman. "How do you heal that fast from that major surgery? I don't understand how you do it.

"I was running only 75 percent, just making sure I don't trip or fall, and this dude is running and cutting like I've never seen before. He's so ready to get back."

Reese hopes to practice with the Bears on campus before they break for Christmas after a workout Sunday.

"But if not, I will be practicing at the bowl site," he said.

Baylor (11-1) is set to arrive in Arizona on Dec. 26 and will hold practice there the next day.

Reese was injured when he landed on his wrist after an incomplete pass during the Bears' 41-12 victory over Oklahoma. Initially, Reese wasn't even concerned about the pain he felt.

"When it first happened, I didn't think too much of it," he said. "I just went down on my wrist; that's normal pain, a fall-on-the-wrist-type pain. But when I got to the sideline and took my glove off, it was more than that."

When the Bears returned to the field after halftime, Reese had his right arm in a sling. He had surgery the next day and wasn't as sure then that he'd be back for a bowl game.

"Time went on, doctors said the X-rays say I'm way ahead of schedule," Reese said. "God put me through something, and he brought me out of it."