CFP to release rankings on Tuesdays

IRVING, Texas -- The first top 25 ranking from the College Football Playoff's selection committee will be released Tuesday, Oct. 28, sources told ESPN.com.

The selection committee then will release its weekly regular-season rankings each Tuesday night, sources said. It's still undecided whether the final ranking will be released late Saturday night, Dec. 6, after the conference championships are played or Sunday, Dec. 7, sources said.

Releasing the weekly rankings on Tuesday nights is a change from the BCS rankings, which were announced on Sunday nights.

The BCS started a week earlier and had eight weekly rankings. There will be only seven CFP rankings, including the final one.

There had been discussion about whether to release the CFP rankings weekly or every other week. CFP executive director Bill Hancock said the 13-member selection committee would meet in person in Grapevine, Texas, during the season to compile the rankings.

On Tuesday, Hancock wouldn't specifically confirm when the rankings would start but said they would be "a little later than the BCS."

The committee will release a weekly top 25, with the top four in the final poll advancing to the College Football Playoff semifinals.

The rankings schedule and the selection committee's recusal policy are expected to be announced Wednesday afternoon, the fourth day of the CFP meetings.

Two days after the SEC announced it will remain with an eight-game league schedule, instead of going to nine, Hancock said the selection committee won't dictate how many conference games leagues play. The Big 12 and Pac-12 play nine league games, the Big Ten is moving to nine, and the ACC is considering going from eight to nine league games a year.

An eight- or nine-game league schedule "is not a big deal [for the selection committee], but strength of schedule is," Hancock said.

"Ideally," Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said, "we would all run the race on a similar course."