Tom Osborne to be among recusals

Former Nebraska coach and athletic director Tom Osborne will be recused from voting for the Cornhuskers in the first College Football Playoff, sources told ESPN.com.

Osborne, one of 13 members on the playoff's selection committee, is still receiving compensation from the university, according to a source. A full list of recusals will be finalized next week, when the committee members meet Tuesday through Thursday in Colorado Springs for their final meeting of the preseason.

The acting athletic directors on the committee -- Clemson's Dan Radakovich, West Virginia's Oliver Luck, USC's Pat Haden, Wisconsin's Barry Alvarez, and Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long, who is also the chair of the committee -- will be recused from voting for their current schools, per the playoff's policy.

The recusal policy has drawn significant attention this offseason, considering the numerous ties the committee members have to various schools and conferences.

Committee members are not allowed to vote for a team if: they or their immediate family members are paid by that school; they "provide professional services" to that school; or they are a coach, administrator, or student-athlete at that school.

Osborne, a member of the College Football Hall of Fame, won three national titles, 12 Big 8 titles, and one Big 12 championship while at Nebraska. He is currently retired.

In addition to the full recusal policy being released next week, committee members will also assign a "conference point person" who will be assigned to be an expert on each conference -- similar to how the men's basketball committee works.

"It's their job to make sure that the committee knows everything about the teams in that conference," the source said, "... They're not lobbyists, they're not advocates. They're just information gatherers."

The committee's first rankings will be released Oct. 28.