Big 12 bans officials for no review

IRVING, Texas -- The Big 12 Conference has suspended a replay official and replay communicator after a questionable play wasn't reviewed in 19th-ranked Kansas State's 32-28 victory at Iowa State.

The conference said Sunday that the one-game suspensions are for a failure to follow established procedures in a timely manner.

An internal review by the league determined video evidence of the play was inconclusive. But Big 12 officiating supervisor Walt Anderson said the unidentified replay officials should have stopped the game before the next snap to allow for a review.

Kansas State's Tyler Lockett caught a pass just before halftime Saturday. He appeared to be in contact with a pylon, which is considered out of bounds, but on-field officials ruled it a completion at the 1. With Iowa State unable to challenge because it was out of timeouts, the Wildcats quickly snapped the ball and scored to cut it to 28-20.