Hill's parents want 'Kenny Trill' mark

Is Kenny Hill the next Johnny Manziel?

If he is, at least he will be prepared.

On Sept. 3, just one day after their son told the media he prefers the nickname "Kenny Trill," Hill's parents, Ken Sr. and Lorrie, filed for the trademark to the phrase, with intent to use it on athletic apparel.

Despite starting only two games, Hill is already a hot commodity. Sources tell ESPN.com that the Texas A&M licensing and compliance departments have sent out cease and desist letters to five online sites selling "Kenny Trill" shirts. (The NCAA puts the burden on schools to stop makers and retailers from selling merchandise.)

Calls placed to Hill's father and the trademark attorney of record were not immediately returned.

Hill has thrown for 794 yards and seven touchdowns in the Aggies' wins over South Carolina and Lamar. His 511 passing yards in the team's 52-28 victory over the Gamecocks set a school record.

After that game, fans and the local media started calling Hill "Kenny Football," a takeoff on Manziel's "Johnny Football." But Hill told the media on Sept. 2 that he liked "Kenny Trill."

Trill, in the rap world, is a hybrid of the words true and real and has been adopted by Texas rapper Bun B.

"I know about Bun B, and I know Coach [Kevin] Sumlin has got a little relationship with Bun B," Hill has said. "So hopefully he'll let me be Kenny Trill."

The rapper then tweeted: "Like the idea of 'Kenny Trill' but I think @coachsumlin would agree one good game alone doesn't make you trill. He's on his way though!"

"Yeah, Bun B said I'm not really Trill yet," Hill said Tuesday. "I have to keep earning that, which I think at some point I can earn that nickname."

Despite the quick action of Hill's parents, a Louisiana man filed for the "Kenny Trill" trademark within hours of Hill revealing that nickname. While that man, Andrew Rose, will be first in line with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, he will not be able to get the trademark without Hill's consent.

In 2012, in the wake of his Heisman season, Manziel started a company called JMan2 Enterprises. That company has filed for 10 trademarks, including "Johnny Football," "The House That Johnny Built" and "Johnny Cleveland." At this point, the Browns rookie is not yet the registered owner of any of the marks.

No. 7 Texas A&M plays Rice on Saturday night.

"I think it's cool. It's funny," Hill said Tuesday. "I really don't care about the nickname too much. But it's something that everybody else likes and the football team jokes about it with me all the time. I'll walk in and they'll say 'Kenny Trill!'

"I don't know. I think it kind of took a life of its own after last week."

Information from ESPN.com's Sam Khan Jr. is included in this report.