Michigan: Coke promotion never OK'd

For a while Monday, Michigan fans received two tickets to Saturday's game against Minnesota simply by purchasing a couple of bottles of Coca-Cola, according to a UM spokesman.

The two tickets, with a total face value of $150, could be obtained by purchasing two Coca-Cola products for $3.

The promotion was immediately pulled Monday night when Michigan officials found out about it. Several individuals had posted about the promotion on Twitter.

A Michigan spokesman told ESPN that Coca-Cola had purchased a block of tickets for Saturday's game against Minnesota with the purpose of using them in a promotion for students.

Michigan had final approval for the promotion, but because of a "miscommunication," Coca-Cola thought it could go ahead with the two-ticket promotion.

However, Michigan said it never gave Coca-Cola approval.

"Coke is a great partner of ours and had purchased a limited block of tickets for the Minnesota game for a Coke retail activation aimed at Michigan students," the spokesman said. "Due to a miscommunication in the approval process, this promotion should not have run as-is."

Any tickets obtained Monday through the Coca-Cola promotion will be honored at Saturday's game, the spokesman said.

It's unknown how many tickets Coca-Cola purchased for this promotion or how many tickets were passed along to fans Monday.

The Michigan Daily reported the promotion was available at the university's U-go's convenience stores in Ann Arbor.