Herschel Walker on Gurley, Winston

If he had to cast his Heisman Trophy ballot today, 1982 Heisman winner Herschel Walker said he would not vote for either Todd Gurley or Jameis Winston.

The former Georgia running back appeared Thursday on ESPN's "Paul Finebaum Show" and said that Florida State's Winston, who won the award last season, and Georgia's Gurley would not get his vote because of the off-field issues that have plagued both star players recently.

"Until [Winston's] act is cleaned up, I can't give him my vote," Walker said. "And I'll say it right now. ... The situation is the same with Todd Gurley. Right at this moment today, I can't give him my vote. Now if he comes back and I see a change, then that vote can be there. But at this given time today, I can't give him my vote."

Georgia suspended Gurley prior to last weekend's game against Missouri while it investigates whether the SEC's leading rusher accepted money for signing memorabilia. Gurley did not travel to Arkansas with the Bulldogs on Friday and will not play against the Razorbacks on Saturday in Little Rock.

Winston has been embroiled in multiple off-field controversies since becoming Florida State's starting quarterback last season. He, too, has faced recent scrutiny over autographed memorabilia, although he continues to play for the Seminoles.

Walker agreed with Paul Finebaum's assessment that FSU coach Jimbo Fisher is enabling his star player by not disciplining Winston more harshly.

Winston was not charged with a crime after facing a sexual assault accusation last year, but the matter will be the subject of an upcoming code of conduct investigation at FSU. He also was cited earlier this year for stealing crab legs from a Tallahassee grocery store and was suspended for this season's Clemson game for shouting profanities in an on-campus incident.

"I don't know Coach Fisher. He's probably ready to kick my butt, but I think he is enabling him right now," Walker said. "Because remember he's putting his reputation -- he's a fine coach -- he's putting his reputation on Jameis Winston's words saying, 'I did not do that.' Well, he put his reputation when he said he can't be found guilty on these other things, which we know he's guilty of.

"Well, think about it, you're putting your reputation on a young man that has been seen doing certain things. You're saying, 'He's told me this.' Well, Coach, he's told you a lot of other things as well, so I think Coach Fisher needs to think about that."

Bo Jackson, who won the 1985 Heisman at Auburn, also came down on Winston this week, saying that the FSU star -- and fellow Bessemer, Alabama, native -- had ignored his advice. Walker said Winston doesn't have to take advice from either of them, but Fisher has a responsibility to provide better guidance to the 20-year-old quarterback.

"Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson, we're not his father," Walker said. "But you have a head coach there that's got to say, 'You know what, football is important, but this is for this young man's life.' Because you know what, when he gets into pro ball, he makes those same mistakes, it may not be like that. It's going to be a little bit different where you don't really get slapped on the wrist. You may go to jail, you may go to prison."

Conversely, Walker defended Georgia coach Mark Richt's decision to bench Gurley until the investigation is complete and the NCAA announces a decision on the running back's eligibility.

"I think Todd realizes that what he's done is wrong and Coach Richt has sat him down," Walker said. "I think that's the correct thing to do right now because why jeopardize all the other players. And what I mean by that is if the NCAA comes in and finds that there was something that was done that was inappropriate, then everything that the whole team has done, it's punished."