Csont'e York also must pay $2K

Former Michigan wide receiver Csont'e York was sentenced to seven days in jail after pleading guilty to aggravated assault and assault and battery charges a month ago.

York broke a man's jaw and knocked him unconscious when he punched him outside an Ann Arbor bar July 18. York was suspended from the team Aug. 3 and permanently dismissed later that month. He has since transferred to the University of Toledo.

Along with his one week in jail, York must pay $2,134.70 in medical bills to the man he punched, who also lost a tooth in the encounter. He also has a 358-day suspended jail sentence that will go away provided he successfully completes his two-year probation period.

On Thursday, another former Michigan player, offensive tackle Taylor Lewan, reached a settlement in his own case stemming from a late-night altercation outside a local bar. Lewan faced one aggravated assault charge and two assault and battery charges. His lawyer said details about the settlement will be made public Oct. 30.