Jameis Winston's lawyer seeks delay

The attorney for Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston has requested that university officials delay his upcoming student conduct code hearing, in which Winston potentially could face four violations for his involvement in an alleged sexual assault in December 2012.

Winston's attorney, David Cornwell of Atlanta, requested the delay in a letter he sent to Florida State officials Thursday.

Cornwell, according to sources familiar with the case, did not specify how much time he would need to prepare for the hearing.

Florida State officials notified Cornwell and the woman's attorneys earlier this week that the hearing would take place the week of Nov. 17.

"Mr. Winston wants to attend the hearing and confront these false allegations, but he expects and is entitled to do so on an even playing field," Cornwell said in a statement to ESPN.com on Friday. "We will end this baseless escapade by using the testimony of witnesses and other evidence contained in the approximately 1,000 documents and eight discs that were provided to Mr. Winston only one week ago. The University also has promised to provide additional evidence, including cell phone records. Opposing counsel say they want the hearing. They just don't want Mr. Winston to have the time to prepare for it."

It wasn't immediately clear if Florida State officials would grant Cornwell a delay.

"Mr. Cornwell obviously doesn't want his client to ever do this hearing," said John Clune, the accuser's attorney.

Under Florida State's student conduct rules and regulations, the university can proceed with a hearing even if Winston does not attend. Under the rules, Winston and the woman can have their attorneys advise them during the hearing, but the attorneys are not allowed to speak on their clients' behalf. Winston is not obligated to answer any questions from the independent hearing observer.

"I don't think that anyone is surprised at the attempt to delay the hearing," Clune said. "I would have been surprised if there had been no attempt, honestly.

"We still hope to go forward the week of the 17th unless FSU tells us otherwise."