Korliss Marshall out at Arkansas

Arkansas running back Korliss Marshall will not return to the program next season, coach Bret Bielema told ESPN on Tuesday.

"He'll never be with us again," Bielema said. "I met with him last night for 45 minutes to an hour just trying to narrow some schools down that he would like to take a peek at. We also looked at the Canadian Football League for him as well."

Marshall, the Razorbacks' third-string back, was suspended during the season for a violation of university policy. In six games, the sophomore had 119 yards on 25 carries. He also led the team in kick return yards this season with 271, including a 97-yard touchdown against Northern Illinois.

"He's never going to have the opportunity to play for the Razorbacks again, but hopefully this will be a steppingstone to something in the right direction instead of the wrong direction," Bielema said.

The coach later added: "He's very explosive. He's dynamic. In the SEC he was able to outrun people, which is saying something. But in the program we have here at Arkansas, we believe in the total picture."

Bielema said that his conversation with Marshall was disappointing for the both of them.

"I know we both shed a tear when it happened," he said. "But the biggest thing is he needs to learn from it and move forward."

With Marshall gone, Arkansas will continue to ride its top two running backs, Alex Collins and Jonathan Williams. Each broke the 1,000-yard mark as the two combined for 2,200 yards and 23 touchdowns rushing this season.

Bielema said that Williams, a junior, has submitted paperwork to the NFL draft advisory committee and will consider turning pro early.

"If he gets a good draft grade that says he should go out, I'll help him make that decision," he said. "If it tells him to come back, we'll explain the situation and hopefully he'll make great choices."