Steve Spurrier to call plays

After delegating play-calling duties among his staff last season, Steve Spurrier said he'll be the only one calling the shots on offense for South Carolina this season.

"I plan to be the playcaller again," Spurrier told reporters after the Gamecocks' spring practice Tuesday. "I did delegate at times last year, but I usually took over before the game was over. But I certainly plan on doing it, and I'll be ready to do it, and go from there."

Spurrier handed off some of the duties last season after second-guessing some of his own calls early in the 2014 season.

"Same reason I did several years ago -- it wasn't going very well," Spurrier told reporters when asked why he handed off play-calling responsibilities last season. "... You make a bad call and you say, 'Aw, dumbass, why did I do that? Maybe somebody else can do it better.' And then you realize it's not necessarily the play call, it's just what happens."

It wasn't the first time that Spurrier had delegated that responsibility to his son, wide receivers coach Steve Spurrier Jr., and quarterbacks coach G.A. Mangus. He'll continue to take suggestions from them, but the Head Ball Coach says he'll have the final decision on all plays this season.

"We're always doing that. I've done that since I've been here, take suggestions here and there, especially on the run game, at times," Spurrier told reporters. "But not always. Not always. I listen to them, but I don't always go with the suggestions, which is expected."

Spurrier, who will turn 70 in April, took the blame for the team's 7-6 season in 2014, during which the Gamecocks lost four games in which they were tied or led going into the fourth quarter.