Ondre Pipkins transfers to Texas Tech

Former Michigan Wolverines defensive lineman Ondre Pipkins said he'll transfer to Texas Tech, sit out this season and play his senior year for the Red Raiders in 2016.

"I believe they have the best plan for me. Now it's all about executing the plan," Pipkins told ESPN.

Last month, Pipkins told ESPN that Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, head athletic trainer Paul Schmidt and associate athletic director Jim Minick asked Pipkins about 10 times over a two-month period to sign a medical scholarship form that would have ended his career with the Wolverines before he wanted it to end.

Pipkins, who played last season after he was cleared to return from a torn knee ligament, said doctors initially told him he has some arthritis in the knee but that he should not be disqualified from competition. But as others within the program continued pressuring Pipkins to sign the medical form, Michigan sent him back to his knee surgeon, who then recommended he rest for six months.