Les Miles confirms reinstatement of Jevonte Domond

BATON ROUGE, La. -- LSU coach Les Miles confirmed Wednesday that he has reinstated offensive lineman Jevonte Domond to the team despite pending domestic violence charges.

Miles said after practice Thursday that he will not comment publicly on the situation before East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore decides whether to push forward with the case. Miles expressed confidence, however, that he made the correct decision in reinstating Domond, a junior backup.

Domond was charged with felony domestic abuse battery with strangulation on May 25 following an altercation with his fiancée in which she accused him of several violent acts. Among the allegations included in the police report:

• That during an argument, the fiancée was leaning over their newborn baby's crib and Domond grabbed her from behind by the neck, lifted her off the ground and caused her to begin losing consciousness. The baby was allegedly present during the altercation.

• That as the argument progressed, Domond would not allow her to leave the home although she asked several times.

• That after she shot him with pepper spray, Domond slammed her on the sofa and bit her on the left hip before she sprayed him again.

The arrest report states that she then left the residence and drove to a sheriff's office substation with a friend who saw the event. She said Domond followed them in his car but did not turn into the substation parking lot. The witness confirmed the story, according to the report, and officers "observed injuries on the victim consistent with her story."

At the time of his arrest, Domond told police that he and his fiancée "got into it" but denied strangling or biting her. He told the officers that he picked up his fiancée while being pepper sprayed to get her to stop and that the injury on her hip was from the fall and not from him biting her.

Domond accused his fiancée of pulling a kitchen knife on him earlier in the day and threatening to cut him, but she said that was an act of self-defense after he had pushed her before the incident.