College Football Confidential: Players pick Buckeyes to win again

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IT'S UNANIMOUS -- EVERYONE has an opinion. We asked 99* players to dish on the Heisman hunt, playoff prospects, championship contenders ... and more. Spoiler alert: A few of these guys might look O-H so familiar.

Who will win the Heisman in 2015?

Trevone Boykin, TCU QB 17 percent
Ezekiel Elliott, Ohio State RB 16 percent
"Whoever starts at QB for Ohio State." 7 percent
"The Heisman has become the QB of the year award." -- Big Ten player on why a quarterback will take home the hardware again

The four playoff teams will be:

Ohio State 88 percent**
Alabama 82 percent
Oregon 53 percent
TCU 41 percent
"It'd be cool to see TCU since they just missed it last year." -- AAC player on the Frogs' playoff push

This year's champion will be:

Ohio State 30 percent
Alabama 26 percent
Oregon 9 percent
TCU 9 percent
"I can see Ohio State winning again. I would cheer for them because they're from the Big Ten, even though I hate them!" -- Big Ten player on the Buckeyes' bid for a repeat

Other than your own, who is the best coach in the country?

Nick Saban 37 percent
Urban Meyer 25 percent
Gary Andersen 4 percent
Jimbo Fisher 4 percent
"Saban produces first-round picks and Heisman winners year in and year out. He never rebuilds." -- AAC player on why the Bama coach is still the boss

Who is the last coach you'd want to play for?

Nick Saban 11 percent
Jim Harbaugh 10 percent
Todd Graham 8 percent
Mike Leach 8 percent
"I hate Jim Harbaugh. He's arrogant and pompous and thinks he's the best." -- Big 12 player on his least favorite head man

I think the playoff system is better than the BCS.

Yes 93 percent
No 7 percent
"At the end of the day, you always have those teams that think they should have been in, but those third and fourth teams are good to have." -- AAC player on why the College Football Playoff trumps the BCS system

How many teams should be in the playoff?

Eight 58 percent
Four 21 percent
Six 13 percent
"Eight teams. Multiple one-loss teams should not be left out." -- C-USA player on why the playoff should expand

*Not all athletes answered every question. Percentages are rounded.
**Percentage (and ones below it) indicates the portion of voters who included school in their four-team prediction.