Rutgers' Kyle Flood awaits probe's results, expects to coach opener

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers coach Kyle Flood says he expects to be on the sideline leading his team in its season opener despite an investigation into whether he improperly communicated with a faculty member about the academic status of a player.

Flood said Tuesday that his part in the investigation is complete after he spoke with university officials on Monday.

Rutgers' office of ethics raised the issue about two weeks ago and initiated an investigation, university officials said last week. The school's office of general counsel is investigating the severity of the alleged violation.

"I have no reason to believe that I wouldn't be leading the team on Saturday," Flood said. "My portion of the university process ended yesterday and now until there's a resolution I really need to be respectful of that process and won't have a further comment."

Flood could be in violation of NCAA rules regarding extra benefits and also university rules by communicating with faculty member about a player's course work.

A university official said Rutgers will not comment further until the investigation is concluded.

Despite questions surrounding the coach, Flood feels his team has remained focused over the past two weeks.

"I have sensed that our football team is very focused," Flood said. "It's not easy. But I think the leadership on this football team has made a concerted effort that we need to take whatever externally could be an issue for us as a program and block it."

Flood said he's focused on keeping the team moving in the right direction.