Vernon Adams Jr. feels 'good' after hit, says he'll play vs. Michigan State

Adams taken out by former team (0:29)

Oregon QB Vernon Adams scrambles up the middle and slid to complete a seven-yard gain before Eastern Washington linebacker John Kreifels crashes into him. Kreifels is ejected from the game for targeting, and Adams is taken to the locker room. (0:29)

EUGENE, Ore. -- A vicious hit knocked Oregon quarterback Vernon Adams Jr. out of the No. 5 Ducks' 61-42 win over Eastern Washington on Saturday night, but he assured reporters after the game that he was not hurt.

"I'm feeling good," Adams said, adding about his availability next Saturday against Michigan State, "Yes, I will be out there."

Eastern Washington linebacker John Kreifels was ejected after he hit Adams -- who was already on his back -- in the fourth quarter. Both of Adams' arms appeared to momentarily go limp, and he then staggered up with the help of three trainers. Adams was taken to the Oregon locker room, but he returned to the sideline smiling a few minutes later.

Adams, who played at Eastern Washington the past three seasons before transferring to Oregon, was 19-of-25 passing for 246 yards and two touchdowns. Oregon's first four scoring drives each took less than three minutes.

Adams greeted several of his former teammates and coaches after the game. He said he "doesn't know" if Kreifels' hit was a cheap shot.

Oregon coach Mark Helfrich was asked if Adams' return to the sideline was evidence that he was not concussed and if he thought it was a cheap shot.

"I will say you're a smart man on your first question," said Helfrich, who declined to answer the second part of the question.