Let's play the feud: College coaches edition

Bret Bielema: I'm happy Kingsbury got to vent (1:01)

Arkansas coach Bret Bielema reacts to Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury's comments after the Red Raiders' win over the Razorbacks. (1:01)

As coaching feuds go, the one raging right now between Arkansas' Bret Bielema and Texas Tech's Kliff Kingsbury is pretty epic.

It's not every day that we hear a coach boast publicly "He just got his ass kicked" after a win like Kingsbury did after Texas Tech beat Arkansas 35-24. Kingsbury even doubled down by suggesting Bielema would probably get his rear kicked again the next week when the Hogs met Texas A&M.

Kingsbury was still peeved over some of Bielema's comments at a Texas high school coaches convention, where Bielema made a case for his style of power offensive football, and in Kingsbury's mind, dumped on the Red Raiders' style of spread offense.

"He's a prideful guy and he says what's on his mind, but it just hasn't worked out for him," Kingsbury said of Bielema, whose Hogs are 1-2 this season after losing two straight to Texas Tech and Toledo.

Bielema, not to be outdone, fired back on Monday.

"If that was an ass-kicking, I'd love to see what last year was," Bielema said of the Hogs' 49-28 win over the Red Raiders last season in Lubbock. "I'm happy he got to vent."

We'll see what the next chapter in this feud may or may not be. Too bad they're not in the same conference.

What are some of the other memorable feuds in college football?

Here's a look:

Urban Meyer vs. Lane Kiffin

The day he was introduced as Tennessee's coach on Dec. 1, 2008, Kiffin took dead aim at Meyer and Florida. The 33-year-old Kiffin chortled that he was looking forward to "singing 'Rocky Top' all night long" after beating the Gators that season and that it would be a "blast." Of course, that was just the start.

At a recruiting celebration after signing his first class at Tennessee, Kiffin told the crowd that the Vols were able to pluck onetime Florida commitment Nu'Keese Richardson out of the state of Florida despite "Urban trying to cheat and still not getting him." Kiffin was referring to Meyer calling Richardson on his cellphone while Richardson was visiting Tennessee. The only problem was that Kiffin was wrong about that being a violation and was reprimanded by the SEC for publicly criticizing another staff member. Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley said Kiffin "slandered" Meyer and demanded an apology. Kiffin did offer an apology and said it wasn't his intention to offend anyone at Florida.

Kiffin and Meyer only faced off one time before Kiffin bolted for USC. The heavily favored Gators beat the Vols 23-13 in 2009 at the Swamp.

SEC commissioner Mike Slive had had enough of the public sniping and lit into the football coaches later that year at the spring meetings in Destin, Florida. He didn't address anybody in particular, but was looking directly at Kiffin the entire time during his rant.

Barry Switzer vs. Darrell Royal

Royal passed away in 2012, and Switzer said at the time that he regretted the fact that they never developed a personal relationship during their years of competing against each other in the famed Red River Rivalry. But what they did develop was a pretty nasty feud, which reached a climax in 1976 when Royal, after long accusing Switzer and Oklahoma of spying on his practices at Texas, learned the week of the game that an Oklahoma booster, Lonnie Williams, had allegedly been posing as a painter during Texas practices at Memorial Stadium.

Royal challenged Switzer and Oklahoma defensive coordinator Larry Lacewell to take a lie detector test and said he would pay them $10,000 if they passed, but they declined. Royal retired in 1976, saying he was tired of the cheating in college football. Royal led the Longhorns to three national championships in his 20 seasons as Texas' coach, but was just 0-3-1 against Switzer.

Switzer, who would later admit to knowing something about the spying, zinged Royal at the time over the cheating allegations and said "Some coaches would rather listen to guitar pickers than work hard," which was an obvious shot at Royal's love of country music.

Royal referred to Switzer and Lacewell as "sorry bastards" in an interview with the AP and said he wouldn't "trust 'em on anything."

Pete Carroll vs. Jim Harbaugh

The whole Carroll vs. Harbaugh feud/rivalry actually started in the college ranks. USC had been a juggernaut on Carroll's watch, but Harbaugh swooped onto the scene at Stanford and suddenly made the Cardinal relevant. The first shot was fired in 2007 when Stanford, a 41-point underdog, upset No. 1 USC at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

That stunning defeat was difficult enough for Carroll and the Trojans, but then Harbaugh rubbed their noses in it in 2009 with a 55-21 rout of USC that saw Harbaugh go for a 2-point conversion late in the game (which failed) just to try to run the score up on the Trojans.

Their heated meeting at midfield afterward was memorable, with both coaches barking to each other, "What's your deal?"

Once they resumed their rivalry in the NFL, Harbaugh insisted that there was no bad blood between the two and said it was just "Football, competition and winning."

Phillip Fulmer vs. Steve Spurrier

Over the years, Spurrier has reveled in getting under the skin of any number of coaches, but he delighted in getting the best of Tennessee and Fulmer in the 1990s. Both had great football teams during that stretch, but Spurrier's Gators almost always came out on top.

The truth is that Fulmer and Spurrier were never enemies. They've actually remained friendly over the years, but some of the back-and-forth barbs during their 14 SEC games against each other were priceless.

Who could forget Spurrier's "You can't spell Citrus without UT," when the Vols kept coming up short in the Eastern Division race and were playing in the Citrus Bowl every year? Spurrier even dinged Peyton Manning when Manning announced he was returning to Tennessee in 1997 for his senior season. Spurrier joked that Manning was returning because he "wanted to be a three-time Citrus Bowl MVP."

Fulmer, for his part, rarely returned fire, but was fond of saying, "Steve's a good guy. He really is ... until you put a camera or microphone in front of him."

Jim Mora vs. Bill Snyder

Some of the best stuff often comes during the post-game handshakes, or even non-handshakes, as was the case with Mora and Snyder following UCLA's 40-35 win over Kansas State in the 2015 Alamo Bowl.

Mora's half-hearted handshake with Snyder might have lasted a second before Mora did an about-face and headed the other way, leaving Snyder looking stunned. Mora apparently was steamed that Kansas State took a timeout right before the final play and then a Kansas State defender appeared to lunge at UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley as he knelt to the turf.

In his news conference, Mora downplayed that there was anything between him and Snyder. The two met again on the field after that first encounter and talked longer, but Mora went on Twitter after the game and said: "I will defend the safety of my players forever."

As to what was allegedly said during their awkward meeting at midfield, a Kansas state trooper, Greg Harkrader, who was one of Snyder's security guards on the scene, tweeted that Mora said, "Are you (bleeping) kidding me?" and then walked away.