Brian Kelly was trying to 'control sideline' in exchange with assistant

PHILADELPHIA -- Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly got in a sideline exchange with assistant strength and conditioning coach David Grimes during the third quarter of the Fighting Irish's 24-20 win Saturday night at Temple.

The broadcast showed Kelly grabbing Grimes' jacket and pushing him back, with head strength and conditioning coach Paul Longo getting between the two.

The scene immediately went viral Saturday night, with Kelly saying after the game that he was trying to prevent Notre Dame from getting a penalty.

Grimes appeared to be speaking in an official's direction as Kelly charged toward him.

"David was gonna get us a 15-yard penalty, so I have to control the sideline," Kelly said. "I wasn't gonna let that happen. And he got a little too close and I backed him up out of the way to make sure that we didn't get a 15-yard penalty."